Aug 22, 2008

The Nobility of Mobility

Mary Mattingly - The New Mobility of Home [The Nobility of Mobility] (2004)

There are two interactions with the earth: absorptive or reflective. To me, the images express a yearning, yet an inability to absorb. A placemerge happens; the combinative process in photography of merging places to create new collusive possibilities - in landscape; new predictive telluric changes and re-location of imagination. As the cut-up maps and mapping of the land from aerial photographs, photography configures new and predictive spaces. The nomadic subject adjusts, re-configures, and re-learns what it means to survive. When I think of the nomad, that person can be an environmental or political refugee, a wanderer, a displaced worker, an explorer, a gamer forging new virtual lands, a voyager, a helper, a mapper, and in not much time I expect essentially anyone and everyone will be re-focused on survival, acclimation, and movement. - Mary Mattingly

Ghostland Observatory - Heavy Heart (mp3)


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