Aug 6, 2008

Wayward Dreams

Adam Stennett - Girl With Tussin Looking Left (2007)

Today smells like the gray exhaustion of a decrepit Saab and the adhesive glue of cheap packing tape. Somewhere on the way to here in the dark heat, bank robbery and hiding in the closet became options for a nice summer Thursday after work. The footsteps outside on the sidewalk could easily become heavy pounds on the door. The life posted on craigslist could easily empty the apartment. Tonight is noisy silence for a split-lipped lullaby.

Southerly - Split-Lipped Lullaby (mp3) [Playing The Project Lodge this Saturday]


At Friday, August 08, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your posts are top-notch. Try not to make me wait so long in-between.

At Tuesday, August 12, 2008, Blogger midwestyelling said...

life selling quickly on CL?

At Tuesday, August 12, 2008, Blogger Kyle said...

Just the printer so far...


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