Oct 12, 2008

Beat the Buzz

Karin Weiner - Deer in the Headlights (2007)

Windmill - Plastic Pre Flight Seats (mp3): The camera pans down a gray terminal from well above the buzzing traffic of business travelers. G23, G22, G21, G20, G19. Our attention rests on a panel of dark blue leather seats in an overflowing boarding gate. Cameron Diaz sits alone and unglamorous in a sweatshirt and an iPod, ignoring a carelessly-folded newspaper to stare blankly into the eye of the crowd. The staccato keystrokes build to swelling strings and it becomes clear that she is far from home. She has left someone behind. She is chasing something. She has made a sacrifice. She is uncertain. She gnaws on the straw of an empty Starbucks Frappuccino like she's teething a solution from her gums. There are voices in her eyes saying "jump in, jump out". End scene.


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