Nov 7, 2008

Save $1, A Forest, Your Breath

Peter Fuss [from Everyday I Am] (2004-2005)

We live among photocopied ghosts, with unemployed ghosts, in ghost houses. Sometimes it feels like parts of ourselves, ghosts. Have you watched a banner ad scrolling silently, endlessly, for hours? These days are like this. Looped and left playing to no one in particular. Our hopes of shopping and immortality are sent through the air to bounce off the empty walls and linger as memories in a room without anyone to remember. They are all dead. We will play forever in this way. Click here to win an iPod. Our legacy an endless, silent banner ad for a trick, for something that doesn't exist. This page cannot be found. Many people click on those banner ads. They will soon be dead too.

The Cure - A Forest (mp3)


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