Dec 26, 2008

Everyone Says Hey

Richard Renaldi - Ilene and Loria [from "Touching Strangers"] (2007)

You touch her shoulder. It's cold butter wrapped in wool. She touches yours and thinks the same. If you look closely at Richard Renaldi's photographs, you'll notice the discomfort. These are strangers who are prompted on the street to touch each other and then look into the camera. Some lay their hands like a blessing. Some extend a straight arm to test the temperature of the skin. Some look relieved, as if they had been waiting to touch someone all day. Some cling a little too close.

Shelly Short - Swimming (mp3)


At Friday, January 16, 2009, Blogger Oded said...

What an intriguing and curious project. I wonder which is stronger to affect your behavior - the camera or the person next to you?


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