Dec 14, 2008

Vocab in an IV

Kent Henricksen - Devious Delight (2008)

Lil' Wayne - Dr. Carter (mp3): For those of you who regularly follow this project, you'll remember that my Dad turned me on to Lil' Wayne around this time last year. In this track from "Tha Carter III", Dwayne scratches his voice like a skipping vintage record over a freeform jazz riff to tweeze Macy Gray out of Louis Armstrong. Practically acapella, his voice is stretched and flailing at :48 when "CAPture what I say" tapdances his words against the floor in trip-a-let. The stories are just silly distractions.


At Tuesday, December 16, 2008, Anonymous Jamie said...

i like the carter iii, but overall (and maybe i told you this before), i feel like weezy is analogous to bob pollard (especially during his GBV-days). he basically needs a more serious editor [b/c both shouldn't have released all that they did... and for every 10 songs, there is one solid gem].

though slightly embarrassing, i have 800+ lil wayne songs in my itunes. many are non-sense, some have amazing producers (so they are more tolerable... e.g., let the beat build on the carter iii, la la la on the carter mixtapes), and a select few have some interesting lines and stories. in the end, i am kind of amazed that he is currently rap/hip-hop's major hope / star. i bet he wins best rap album grammy...

At Tuesday, December 16, 2008, Blogger Kyle said...

i agree about the editing - i may even lump this challenge in with the trouble i have with the american idol phenomenon, where the goal is to find amazing voices, but they usually give them just OK songs to sing. in terms of production for carter iii, mrs. officer stands out as another victory for me, but he is overshadowed by the chorus, which seems more characteristic of a nelly song. i don't think the album's songwriting supports his vocal talent.


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