Jan 16, 2009

Carry On Strenuously

Rebecca Shore - #10 (2008)

Gruff Rhys takes a break from the outstanding Super Furry Animals to perform retro night on a cruise ship at 7pm every Tuesday. The shiny self-absorption is caught on tape, called "Stainless Steel", and piped over the deck speakers for the rest of the week... "I Lust U" to announce sexy shuffleboard hour, "Luxury Pool" during bingo to loosen up the Michiganians, a calypso remix of "Raquel" on the sunbathing deck, and "I Told Her On Alderaan" incessantly to the excitement of all the adolescent Yodas who showed up for the Star Wars-themed buffet with no Leia in sight.

Neon Neon I Lust U (mp3)


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