Jan 26, 2009

Confidence In Walls

Julieta Aranda - I Have Lost Confidence... (2007)

Once I met this guy who told me he regularly dreamed of being a concrete wall. As he sat quietly at the bar with hands tucked into his coat, I could almost picture it. He told me how he gravitates to places like this; quiet bars, restaurants with tables pressed up to the window glass, well-spaced park benches... because he prefers to sit silent and watch everyone pass him by. I told him I had something to show him and with slight hesitation he bowed his head and followed me across the floor and out onto the sidewalk. I pointed next to the mountain dew machine where I had tagged a stencil on the wall years earlier. He began to chuckle. He said every time he sees graffiti he remembers how much it tickled.

Fever Ray Concrete Walls (mp3)


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