Jan 27, 2009

Naming to Unite and Not Distinguish Between

Ilse Frech - [from I AM]

George Foreman once joked that he named all his children George because he was preparing for the symptoms of brain damage. Passing names down through generations is often joked of as an egotistical archetype. But below the joking, there is truth to the tradition. We should all have the same name because we are all the same person. We are the fetus being born into a strange word. We are the child with the timid hands learning the definitions of words and playing in the parking lot. We are the son getting fired from his job and finding his own way. We are the parents with the soft eyes loving until they cry. We are the adults learning to let go and finally accepting contentment. We are the maturing adults struggling through darkness and aches for meaning. We are the dying in reflection, and the buried in the ground. All those people are us and we will be all those people.

Russian Red Timing Is Crucial (mp3)


At Sunday, February 01, 2009, Blogger Greg said...

Oh, well played, sir!


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