Feb 15, 2009

JustSayin Presents: The Explorer's Club, Chris Koza, & Deastro

JustSayin & WUD Music Presents...

Saturday, February 28th

The Explorer's Club Lost My Head (mp3): These perfect vocal harmonies dressed in pressed collared polos will help you fall in love or get beaten up. Either way, this South Carolina six piece will make sure everything goes down smooth. Doing "the Madison" on the line between inspiration and imitation, they'll bring their retro brand of beaches, going steady, and milkshakes to a venue that was especially vibrant in the 1960s.

Chris Koza Straight to Video (mp3): Chris' songwriting is politely subtle as our Midwestern neighbor, but precisely melodic as the rising star he has become. The formula that combines acoustic guitar and clean lyrics is especially powerful in a college town, and he'll surely feel right at home at a wooden table with a bunch of new friends in the Rasthskellar.

Deastro Micheal, the Lone Archer of the North Shore (mp3): In case I haven't mentioned it enough, Randy Chabot is releasing indie pop music by himself that is fuller and more relevant than his multi-millionaire music industry peers. I'm convinced his colorful exuberance and sincere demeanor will soon take over the world... and that the DIY dance party he'll bring to the union will be the perfect break for all the ambitious young souls in Madison currently hand-drawing their own truths.

Update: RSVP to the facebook event here.


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