Mar 10, 2009

Business of Evolution

Portage, WI

Zach Vinson So Much To Blame (mp3) [Sheboygan, WI]: Zach is from Sheboygan, this picture is from Portage (right off Hwy 51). Zach is a young singer and one-man show, Rhyme is a 64-year-old Wisconsin-based supplier of office machines and supplies. Rhyme was founded by William “Punk” Rhyme, Zach was nourished by his mother's noodle casseroles and is not very punk. Rhyme really isn't either. Zach sings about his flaws and running away, Rhyme talks about "integrity and a commitment to always deliver on its promises". Rhyme claims to be in the business of evolution, Zach really is.



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