Jul 7, 2009

Great Songs of 2008: 121-130

Tunga - Peine [Capillary Xiphopagus Between Us]

I'm sorry and all that. And also I miss you. And I'm asking you to never mention this again, if that's OK, so we'll never have to come back here. Don't make me explain how I doubted you. And list all my justifications. Just hold me really tight for one second and I'll reciprocate for a second. And then I'm asking that - please - we just hug the same, nothing more and nothing less. Always.

Here is the start of the end of the
Great Songs of 2008 series... including the latest Iowa corn field rave anthem, the beef jerky vocals of one of the most popular rappers of last year, a Dear John letter, a blatant glamorization of domestic violence, a hypey British cover of Notorious B.I.G., and construction-paper indie single from Iceland.

121) Goldfrapp - Happiness (mp3)

122) Leslie Hall - Blame The Booty (mp3)

123) Lil Wayne (ft Bobby Valentino) - Mrs. Officer (mp3)

124) Noah & The Whale - 5 Years Time (mp3)

125) Dan Black - HYPNTZ (mp3)

126) Florence and the Machine - Kiss With a Fist (mp3)

127) Sin Fang Bous - Clangour And Flutes (mp3)

128) Authur Russell - I Couldn't Say It To Your Face (mp3)

129) Lambchop - Sharing A Gibson with Martin Luther King Jr. (mp3)

130) Plants and Animals - A New Kind of Love (mp3)

Download 121-130 as a zip file.


At Tuesday, July 21, 2009, Blogger Nic said...

Pat and I's friend Zoe has an autographed headshot of Leslie Hall on her desk.

Where do I get headshots made up?

At Tuesday, July 21, 2009, Blogger Kyle said...

I will take your headshots. Set and date and I will fly to find you.


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