Jul 24, 2009

In a Hidden Town, at a Hidden Beach

Tommi Toija - Blowing Up The World (2006)

Blue Roses - I Am Leaving (mp3): Laura's slim voice stretches to hold an acoustic guitar like it's an oversized beach ball. At times she finds it little unwieldy and, frankly, unnecessary as she'd rather set it down and open up her voice to the wind. With her eyes closed, she touches a tiny neon synth on a gold chain around her neck from her Grandma. Her jeans drape a little baggy and at the end of nearly every sung phrase, she gently tugs at the left pant leg to nestle a bare foot deeper into the sand. She takes color pictures of it with her breaths.


At Thursday, July 30, 2009, Blogger Nic said...

I have been digging this song.

Have you heard Soap & Skin? Check it out. Cool art videos/website too.


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