Oct 15, 2009

Or What You Think Other People Want You To Want?

Mike Watson - Chocolate Jesus (2008)
[Originally inspired by the Tom Wait's song]

Jesus Christ (the indie band) - Is This Really What You Want? (mp3): This song sounds like a looming memory. It grows slowly by playing and replaying teen movie morals from back when rewind really meant tape was being rewound. Bouncing echos, beating minutes, intersecting thoughts - all overlaid by a wandering inner monologue. It's unsure, but trying to get through to you.



At Wednesday, October 21, 2009, Blogger Tyler said...

I wonder if they're an exercise in "meme generation" or they just thought it would be funny to start a band. Either way the website they (by they I mean Tao Lin and Carles) made is pretty hilarious: http://jesuschristtheindieband.muxtape.com/

This song is pretty good but do they have more where that came from.


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