Jan 11, 2010

In The Event of a Disaster, Try To Have a Sense of Humor About It

Eric Lebofsky [from "Things To Do In An Ice Age"] (2005)

Other things to do if you find yourself in an ice age:
  • Talk About the Old Days.
  • Whisper Instead of Shout (Avalanche Avoidance).
  • Use an X-Acto to Fashion a New Antenna for Your Short Wave.
  • Talk To Your Pilates Instructor While Your Search For Your Family.
  • Finish Your Memoir. Send it to the Paris Review (It Won't Get There).
  • Coreograph.
  • Smoothies. Every Day.
  • Practice Figure Skating in Appropriate Abandoned Venues.
  • Chase After Rations.
  • Brain Surgery. Rocket Science.
  • Declare "Open Poncho Season".
  • One Valerian, Six Yohimbes Every Day.
  • Finish Camus.
  • Breed Ancient Species. Eat Them.
  • Grow Your Monobrow.
  • Deep Fry Balls of Cheese, Make Pipes, and Start Your Own Renaissance Fair(e).
  • Give Your Attack Dog a Mastadon Bone.
  • Biofeedback Therapy.
  • Catalog Your Springsteen.
  • Meet Your Neighbors (Eat Your Neighbors).
  • Bury Your Dead.
  • Procreate.


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