Feb 19, 2010

I Can See You Listening

Natalia asked people to listen to their favorite music, specifically a song that provokes the strongest emotion. I imagine the girl in the photo glancing quizzically down at her iPod, scrolling gently through the As, then cracking a smirk and flicking quickly through half the alphabet to The One. A song by the Sleigh Bells burned on a birthday CD by her friend Raelene. As soon as she pressed play, Natalia began photographing. I think this photo was taken at the ooooh at 0:55.

Sleigh Bells - Ring Ring (mp3)


At Saturday, February 20, 2010, Blogger Matty said...

Excellent! Man, I'm going to piss off my DJ music teacher by dropping this into a set, but who cares..

At Monday, March 08, 2010, Anonymous mp said...

Great track (and EP) !!


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