May 22, 2007

5/26 JustSayin Showcase ft. Chris Garneau & Track a Tiger

So, the blog is going to step OFFLINE and into reality this weekend for the first JustSayin Showcase featuring Chris Garneau (of Brooklyn) and Track a Tiger (of Chicago). The show starts at Madison's Cafe Montmartre at 9PM for only $5 (in support of the artists). This is hopefully the first of many with the goal of pairing intriguing indie artists who've been featured on the blog and bringing them to Madison for a live show. Stop by to support indie music and your local music blogs!

Looking back, Chris Garneau was first introduced in an Indie Conversation with Meg Baird and continued in a confrontational second post here. Track a Tiger was an instant late-night favourite last year and continued to inspire with the new album a few months ago (oddly paired again with Matthew Barney's art). And both made my Best of 2006.

This Blogotheque Take-Away Show (les concerts a emporter) is an exciting preview to this weekend's showcase. Chris will be accompanied by four other instruments, but still remain understated and soaked in a similar aroma of dark, earthy wine.

Chris Garneau - Between the Bars (Eliott Smith cover)


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