Nov 3, 2009

Another Julie Doron Collaboration

Alexis Pike - A Teton, St. Anthony, Idaho (2005)

Daniel, Fred, & Julie - Runner (mp3): A tape machine on the floor of a garage in Sackville, New Brunswick in the summer of 2009. A semi-circle of folding chairs. On one sits Fred Squire, under a mess of black hair and thick-rimmed glasses, staring down at his feet as he tunes his acoustic guitar. Julie Doiron sits just below him on her knees, lips pursed in a hum with eyes closed. Standing, face buried in an open book of traditional folk songs, is Daniel. He paces organically, glancing up only to smile at a group of kids passing by the open garage door on their bicycles.

As we all get excited for Mount Eerie's return to Madison this Saturday... remember this time last year... Julie Dorion's Lost Wisdom harmonies with Phil at Gates of Heaven... magic.

Nov 2, 2009

From the Bottom of a Pile

Rachel Whiteread - Study (2005)

My desk is made of slippery granite, elbows of 90 degree angles, and feet of concrete. I sit here sometimes, in the perfect silence, and empty sheets of paper with an eraser. Whole novels in fact. I find the more words I take out, the more I'm able to say. I sit here, today, to complete 30 pages of narrative. And I accomplish the task with one paragraph. At the top of the page I write: I WANT TO DO SOMETHING IMPORTANT. Indent a heading labeled "Rationale", under which I scrawl: FOR MEANING. I sit here, now, pretending to photocopy my work in triplicate to hand to my boss. She says too without words, always sweetly, thank you. You do such an excellent job.

Arms and Sleepers - Helvetica (mp3)