Mar 28, 2010

Sisters, Sisters

Lesley Cecchi [from Recherche du Temps Perdu]

When my sisters were little, my mom imagined them touring the country as a musical act in matching sweaters and bobs. Early on she coined their stage name The Pfister Sisters and began rehearsals to remake them as Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen of the Hanes Sisters circa 1954. At one point, as their voices both matured from cute to beautiful, it seemed plausible. That White Christmas, I think my mom actually convinced them to don matching dresses and sway awkwardly in front of the fireplace and the extended family to sing "Sisters, Sisters".

They're not doing much singing anymore, but maybe this is the modern (?) influence they need. The Living Sisters are a new supergroup of Inara George (Bird and the Bee), Becky Stark (Lavender Diamond), and Eleni Mandell. A reunion of The Pfister Sisters seems like a natural opening act.

The Living Sisters - How Are You Doing? (mp3)

Mar 24, 2010

Instrumental Video Nine

Beeple - IV.9 (fullscreen, please)

My favourite instrumental electronic music video magician
from Menasha, Wisconsin has done it again.


Mar 16, 2010

Inlets Are Back!

Inlets - Bright Orange Air

JustSayin-favorite and Wisconsin-native Sebastian Krueger is set to release his latest album "
Inter Arbiter" in late April. Remember when Sebastian told us about how his Madison upbringing affects his music? Cool.


Mar 9, 2010

A Record Voice

Yellow Ostrich - Whale

I first shared my love for the Wisconsin project Yellow Ostrich around this time last year. Since then, Alex has found best partners in himself and his looped self. One layer is marked by fresh-faced modesty. The other by rough natural talent. Maybe a third by focused composition. All with that same buttery voice. The following beauties will be featured on an upcoming unreleased album. Can't wait for the world to hear it.

Yellow Ostrich - Whale (mp3)

Yellow Ostrich - Mary (mp3)


Mar 8, 2010

Pretending Couples

Mar 1, 2010

To Keep Me Warm At Night

Tyler Mackie - Embrace Me: So Big You Can't Get Around It (2010)
[click above to HUG the installation and hear it's sound effect]

Tyler moved in next door. She's got short poem hair, authentic eyes, and a smile that surprises when she tells you she's not a Wisconsin native. Usually these days that's all bundled up beneath layers of her own creations, meticulously crocheted pieces of warmth and love and art. Her recent specialty is the "neck-lace", a revived decorative collar technique that's pretty practical for surviving Wisconsin winters. The styles range from ostensibly regal to beautifully mangled. Oh, and she also has a "fictional collaborator" named Girl, but that's a whole 'nuther discussion.

Sophie Madeleine - The Knitting Song (mp3)