May 26, 2009

Great Songs of 2008: 111-120

Sorry I've slowed nearing the end of this huge list of Great Songs of 2008, but there are just so many... including a broken heart singing for itself, the unexplainable age of a 28-year-old's debut vocal, a song I included purely because I'm addicted to the way the singer re-pronounces "HE-E-EA-ED" (he tried to warn you), a genuine serenade to the resilience of the pinky toe, and a pale Portland woman who swallows her high-pitch deep and dull to quiet it for bed.

111) Shelley Short - Swimming (mp3)

112) Gnarls Barkley - Who's Gonna Save My Soul (mp3)

113) My Brightest Diamond - Inside A Boy (mp3)

114) Aron Wright - To the Country (mp3)

115) Sia - Soon We'll Be Found (mp3)

116) Why? - The Hollows (mp3)

117) Mason Proper - Fog (mp3)

118) A Weather - Pinky Toe (mp3)

119) Damien Jurado - Caskets (mp3)

120) Dr. Dog - The Old Days (mp3)

Download 111-120 as a zip file.

May 16, 2009

Great Songs of 2008: 101-110

Tom Stone - Motherless (2006)

My list of Great Songs of 2008 expands past the 100 mark... including the amazing Zoey Deschanel debut, two UK nominees for the 2008 Mercury Prize, the side project of one of my favorite voices of Super Furry Animals, an alternative country singer my sister Kate hooked me on, and an awesome microbiology metaphor.

101) She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? (mp3)

102) Grouper - Heavy Water / I'd Rather Be Sleeping (mp3)

103) Laura Marling - New Romantic (mp3)

104) Neon Neon - Luxury Pool (mp3)

105) Goldmund - To (mp3)

106) The Tallest Man on Earth - Where Do My Bluebird Fly (mp3)

107) Kelley Polar - Entropy Reigns (In the Celestial City) (mp3)

108) The Mountain Goats - Autoclave (mp3)

109) Maria Taylor (with Andy LeMaster) - A Good Start (mp3)

110) Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson - One More Year (mp3)

Download 101-110 as a zip file.

May 13, 2009

So Much To Blame

Brad Porter - So Much To Blame [by Zach Vinson] (2009)

I already wrote about Sheboygan native Zach Vinson during my tour of Wisconsin earlier this spring, but he's just released a beautiful new music video for his song "So Much To Blame". Among puddles, vintage suitcases, walls of loose leaf paper, bare lightbulbs, and plenty of Cream City brick; it features the 23-year-old's impressive prowess on the keys. Check it out.

Zach Vinson - So Much To Blame (mp3)

May 12, 2009

Great Songs of 2008: 91-100

Shannon Taggart - Exorcism 2

After a little break, the current of Great Songs of 2008 continues to flow strong... including a fragile voice from Madrid, the single from Antony's latest masterpiece, the bells and whistles of a remixed Canadian summer anthem, a standout track from a huge Australian new wave trio, the awaited return of a shadowy German indie band, and a funky club hook by Pharrell et al.

91) Kristoffer Ragnstam - Swing That Tambourine (mp3)

92) Nico Muhly - The Only Tune III (mp3)

93) Russian Red - Timing Is Crucial (mp3)

94) Antony & The Johnsons - Another World (mp3)

95) The Notwist - Good Lies (mp3)

96) NERD - Everyone Nose (mp3)

97) Anathallo - All The First Pages (mp3)

98) James Yorkston - When The Haar Rolls In (mp3)

99) Born Ruffians - I Need A Life (Four Tet Remix) (mp3)

100) Cut Copy - Lights and Music (mp3)

Download 91-100 as a zip file.

May 4, 2009

Great Songs of 2008: 81-90

Dietmar Busse - Lynn Yaeger [Fashion Writer] (2008)

There are more Great Songs of 2008 than I know what to do with today... a piece of a powerful album from Belize with deep West African influence, two bookends from an April 08 JustSayin Show, a crooning UK band and folk singer, a stylish badass and totally crazy bible story, a highlight from a hip "indie" release, and it was nearly impossible to do this list without acknowledging Bon Iver (he was kind of a big Wisconsin deal).

81) Umalali - Nibari (My Grandchild) (mp3)

82) Bon Iver - The Wolves (Act I And II) (mp3)

83) Nick Jaina - Power (mp3)

84) Evangelicals - Skeleton Man (mp3)

85) The Roots (ft Mos Def) - Rising Down (mp3)

86) Headlights - Cherry Tulips (mp3)

87) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! (mp3)

88) Jim Moray - Three Black Feathers (mp3)

89) Windmill - Plastic Pre Flight Seats (mp3)

90) The Dodos - Jodi (mp3)

Download 81-90 as a zip file.

May 2, 2009

Great Songs of 2008: 71-80

Jen Davis - Matt and Kate [Madison, WI] (2008)

There is no shortage of Great Songs of 2008 here at JustSayin... an offensively amazing Helen Keller dance prompt, a brilliant Elvis ode and impersonation, a promising debut EP by an 18-year old with a dream, a suprisingly relevant 8-bit Beach Boys reinterpretation, a piece of songwriting by a soulful cellist from Kentucky, and a weird hip-hop Numa Numa reference.

71) Alessi's Ark - The Horse (mp3) [previous post]

72) 3oh!3 - Don't Trust Me (mp3)

73) Jihae - Hide (mp3)

74) T.I. (ft Rihana) - Live Your Life (mp3)

75) Ben Sollee - It's Not Impossible (mp3)

76) Black Kids - Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo) (mp3)

77) Diamonds - The Waking (mp3) [previous post]

78) PWRFL Power - It's Okay (mp3) [previous post]

79) PDF Format - God Only Knows 64 (mp3) [previous post]

80) Peggy Sue And The Pictures - Pupils Blink (mp3)

Download 71-80 as a zip file.