Feb 29, 2008

A Mirror on You

Willow Hagge [from Between the Hammer and the Anvil] (2008)

Enon - Mirror on You (mp3): John cuts through your body dismorphic disorder with a kick in the air and a smile in this tune. Cheers to everyone who thinks they will be the art that shows us our own truth.

Feb 28, 2008

Diet Coke with Tar

Boris Mikhailov - Case History 2 (1999)

Zola Jesus is the 5:00pm choice between searching for a new job or going straight to sleep. It's the sound as these desires scream about the dissonance of the day and make their case for how to best close your eyes and wake up changed. Bickering even with good intentions only adds to the chaos and shallows the ability to make a decision. When you wake up on the couch in the night, Zola Jesus is still there like a stiff wind to shake your cold windows wounded and suck your cold toes colder.

Zola Jesus - Soer Sewer (mp3)

Zola Jesus - Dog (mp3)

Feb 25, 2008

Dance Cycles Beat Wealth Cycles

Chad McCail - Robots Run Zombies for Wealthy Parasites [Center Panel]

Clap Clap. Shake your neurons. Clap Clap.

Sleeping In The Aviary - Clap Your Hands [casio PYG cover] (mp3)

Feb 23, 2008

Found The Sea

Karen Yasinsky - L`Atalante # 28 [2007]

The star of this show is the supportive whisper behind Pepi's assertions. The history of blues is the backlight on stage following every annunciation, at home it's her calico cat with the old soul. Lyrical depth stretches out beyond the quiet round of the tips of her songs, of the tips of her fingers picking away like she's slowly writing the words on the back of your neck. Sometimes falling into asleep before she quite finishes.

Pepi Ginsberg - Sometimes Mama, Sometimes Babe (mp3) [buy]

Feb 21, 2008

If You Open for Dinner

Boyd And Evans -Man And The Menagerie (2004)

Whereas in the past you have been silent, today you said something without thinking. You said that your heart was soaring and you couldn't hold it any longer. That your earthly veins were gastric bypass for it, but without all the large panted success stories. You said it kicked the inside of your chest like an eight-month-old child.

Eisley - I Could Be There For You (mp3) [buy]

Feb 20, 2008

Let's Talk About Spaceships Tomorrow

Say Hi (To Your Mom) - Toil and Trouble (mp3): I know you have a lot of options, but I certainly hope you can stop and Say Hi at the new Project Lodge [817 East Johnson] tomorrow night [Thursday, February 21st]. The playful video art of Milwaukee's Beeple will dance an impromptu dance with the writhing local brood of Icarus Himself and lazy pop of Seattle's Say Hi (To Your Mom). It will be an exercise in DIY plastic surgery on an empty room, vulnerable like the Extreme Makeover contestant in the flier. It will be an experience scribbled feverishly in pen without an eraser.

Feb 16, 2008

He Who Watches Over You Will Not Slumber

Georgia Kotretsos - 10 Fingers 88 Teeth [1 of 14] (2006)

And Congress, he said, was a collection of beaten souls with a powerful free will. Just like the wood-paneled walls that always surround them, they were once growing towards the sun too. He watches C-SPAN because it makes him feel like Jesus. All-powerful and technically in control, he watches their motions and bills pass. His intentions are hung like drapes and padded like seats as a frame for their God-less days. He judges but does not intervene. Until judgment day, he says, when participation seems grand but too little too late.

Alela Diane - My Tired Feet (mp3) [buy]

Feb 15, 2008

A Phase, An Oscillation

Kim Jones - Untitled (2001-2007)

Pirate Prude - Complacent=Vacant (mp3): Be lulled into self-consciousness as this song steps in and out of tune like a waivering string. Check your speakers and your ears and record the time it takes to decide that this just may be the way the world is sometimes, comfortably unemployed and dischordant. Transitioning between phases. Sometimes too much so to deal with.

Feb 12, 2008

Let It Come

Katherina Manolessou - Up and Right (2005)

This is a happy song about taking pictures. About the excitement of a sun burst in the lens that tells perfectly of the emotion of this moment, even though the blur it casts on film will probably be perceived as a mistake. It's about toes flexed and freed from a shoe and feeling lucky without winning any money.

Au Revoir Simone - The Lucky One (mp3) [buy]

Feb 11, 2008

Say Goodbye

Lillian Lykiardopoulou - No Title (2007)

The Avett Brothers - Die Die Die (mp3): This track feels a little stiff from sleeping on plastic waiting room furniture and a little hungover from telling the town all about it last night. It's a little confused, a little tired, a little bitter, a lot uneasy. It's a lyric dealing with promises returning on planes and promises packed tightly into boxes. It's a vocal trying to emote truth into a thousand-year-old prayer and cherish the visceral news sent through text message. Machines didn't tell you it was all over, you felt that yourself. And you always will.

Feb 7, 2008

Safe Inside Another Day

Kate 'O Brien - Fred and Ginger

I will live on a mountain of weeks passed and piled. On carcases loved and trash bags filled. On days that hardly seem like today, I will have made it here safe. To tell you all about ascension without climbing, from the view of a summit built piece-by-piece from below. All I ask is your help stitching patches in my coat over proliferating cancers so I may stand proud. And for your piano to my harmony, as the only proper breath of air up here is a song.

Baby Dee - Safe Inside The Day (mp3) [buy]

Feb 6, 2008

Twilights Before Noon

Dan Graham - Two Housing Projects, New York NY (1966)

She woke up this morning with a streetlight wrapped around her wrist and her jeans in a pile in the corner of the room. As her red toenails rubbed against the bottom of the blanket, she rubbed her eyes to push fresh blood through their streaked red veins. It could be said that she had given up last night. It could also be said that she had drank too much. Either way, she hadn't planned on seeing the sun again, let alone this early. The most important thing in the world suddenly became reintroducing herself. So she rolled over, waited a few rings, and whispered a new voicemail greeting into her phone "Yes, you've reached me. Hello." Everyone would know to leave a message.

Dawn Landes - Bodyguard (mp3)

Dawn Landes - Twilight (mp3) [buy]

* Win two tickets to see her perform with Jason Isobell tomorrow (Thursday) night at the High Noon Saloon. Just leave a comment with your name or send an email to JustSayinIsAll@gmail.com.

Feb 4, 2008

My Dad Has Some Buildings I Can Have

Blue Noses - Saddam Alive #4 (2007)

PWRFL Power's Kazutaka Nomura gives the most unconvincing reason to be yourself, because it feels good. That's like being nice to someone so they'll share their chocolate milk. Though it often seems to me like your powerful powers can make a larger impact than making your life easy, that may be confusing simplicity for the need to be taught. Kasutaka is so wise that he says things that you didn't think you need to hear. His sincerity is so sincere that it dirties natural like mud. He certainly has something to teach you... if you'll come listen at the Notingham Coop in Madison on 2/28.

PWRFL Power - Okay (mp3)

PWRFL Power - Alma (mp3)

Feb 2, 2008

Stirring Apple Juice with a Giant Fork

Connor Harrington - Dislodge The General (2008)

Baby Walrus - Flipless in What Plastic Box (mp3) This is the perfect track for incongruous days when the ceiling pulses with preemption of the progress beneath. It sounds like dinner when you can't ignore yells coming from outside your windows and whispers coming from the emptiness under the table. It coughs paranoia into its fist with more melody than you'd imagine. Unless your imagination is like ours. [buy 2/5]