Mar 30, 2006

No Windows?

Yves Klein - Leap Into the Void (1960)

I first learned of Midlake through coverage by favourite tastemaker, Gorilla vs. Bear. If you haven't checked out this blog yet, do yourself a favor and take a minute (or several) to check it out right now. It's the stuff indie rock dreams are made of. Chris is at the front of the pack on most releases and his passionate leadership has forged a place on everyone's blogroll. Don't believe me? He was also just named Filter's Blogger of the Year.

Midlake - King Fish Pies (mp3)

I keep expecting the sentences of Midlake's lyrics to be seperated by the instructional beep of a 70s projection film. It would definitely fit as the soundtrack to a postmodern pastiche of mod iconography, deliberately self-referential awkward-fitting wigs, and yellowed scientific diagrams illustrating how to create the next hot indie album (everything old is nouveau). I'm both intruiged and perplexed by the strange lyrics (do I smell a Michael Gondry video?) and evolving instrumentation that suprisingly segues between flute and grumbling bass. Maybe I'm just frustrated because making king fish pies takes much longer now without any windows. Maybe tables will speed up the process? No. Hmm, ok. Back to the drawing board, I guess.

Midlake's new album The Trials of Van Occupanther will be out sometime in June including the MASH-reminiscent track "Roscoe" [for download at Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good].
Put it on your wishlist for purchase locally (Strictly Discs or B-Side in Madison).

Mar 29, 2006

Drawing Restraint 9... Pants Yell!

Matthew Barney - Drawing Restraint 9 [trailer] (2005)

Matthew Barney's intricately constructed worlds of imagery solidify him as one of my favourite artists. His overwhelming works transcend medium (sculpture, video, performance) and any construct of normalcy. The product is something unforgettable that sometimes takes a bit of time to digest (my friend Maren is still horrified from when I unknowingly exposed her to a graphic scene in number four of his first series The Cremaster Cycle). Barney's latest effort, Drawing Restraint 9, features both the soundtrack and acting of Bjork (Barney's wife) on a Japenese wailing ship. I haven't seen the piece yet, but it's supposedly an epic full of characteristic liquid wax and metaphorical developmental proccesses. Bringing together the creativity of two of the leading visionary artists from our generation will not disappoint, and I'm convinced the Barney-Bjork child will one day rule the planet (I hope).

For the music types, the song featured in the trailer is Bjork's "Storm
"... one of the eleven songs from the soundtrack that also features Will Oldham (can this get any better?) on the first track "Gratitude". Teasers of the songs are available through the embedded player at Bjork's Drawing Restraint 9 site.

Apparently, the film is being played in theaters in Manhattan starting today and the New York Times just published a review. Checkout an interview with Barney about the film here. [*UPDATE: Drawing Restraint 9 is being played selectively around the country over the next couple months, so checkout the schedule that includes many major cities]

Pants Yell! is a band I picked up through You Aint No Picasso. Their cheery pop fronted by characteristic quirky, male indie vocals pairs a careless mood with a necessary casual self-consiousness. It's perfect for a freshly showered indie kid laying out for a picnic, sipping a wine spritzer out of a brightly colored plastic cup with a curly straw and contemplating the rays of sunshine hitting his teen love's new tattoo. His little white battery-powered radio and overgrown black hair are extremes on an afternoon refreshingly full of color, a color he hopes to absorb after the pale winter by rolling up his cigarette jeans and down his brown argyle socks.

Pants Yell! - Your Feelings Don't Show (mp3)

Packing a picnic? Don't forget the beats. Take a walk to your local record store (Strictly Discs or B-Side in Madison) to pick up Pants Yell!'s new album out April 7th.

Mar 28, 2006

Flaming Lips Will Always Negate Defeat

Flaming Lips - The W.A.N.D. (mp3)

This is a stellar new track from the Flaming Lips' upcoming At War With the Mystics (out April 4th). The updated sound continues with expected heavy instrumentation, strange grandiose lyrics, and driving bass. W.A.N.D. (Will Always Negates Defeat) carries on the tradition of inspiring an allegorical underdog (cue Wayne's fist gloves) through a series of intergalactic challenges. But who are these "Mystics" that the Lips keep waging war against? The dictionary
defines a "Mystic" as someone who believes in the existence of realities beyond human comprehension; having an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding; the use of "mysterious symbols". The beauty of a musical metaphor is that it could be about anyone. Join in the latest battle without enrolling by picking up a copy locally (Strictly Discs or B-Side in Madison).

Mar 27, 2006

Contrast Podcast

(click on the above image for the podcast)

The buzzed Contrast Podcast is out today! Tim from The Face of Today rallied a group of music bloggers including yours truly at I'm Just Sayin Is All.. to contribute a song to this collective podcast. The result is a true joy of a listen that displays the talent, diversity, and beautiful accents of the individuals that compose the blogroll. The bloggers lending their voices represent the following blogs:
The Contrast Podcast was my first podcasting experience, but one so enjoyable that an I'm Just Sayin Is All... Podcast is in the works in partnership with the expertise and personality of local music journalist Beth Wick. Keep checking the site for updates on the effort.

Mar 26, 2006

The Women of Broken Social Scene

David LaChapelle - My House (2001)

Broken Social Scene has produced an entire fleet of female musicians whose talent is being spread broadly upon the music scene through their (often increasingly popular) side projects. Leslie Fiest, Amy Millan, Emily Haines, Lisa Lobsinger, and Julie Penner have all put in their time with the Canadian collective and offshoots Feist, Stars, and Metric have all achieved noteable success. There are no signs of slowing with Feist and Metic agressively touring and Amy Millan releasing a solo album in May. They're an easy color on which to place your next bet.

Leslie Feist (Vocals)
Feist - Gatekeeper (mp3) myspace

Amy Millan (Vocals)
Stars - Elevator Love Letter (mp3) myspace

Amy Millan - Skinny Boy (mp3) myspace

Emily Haines (Vocals)
Metric - Soft Rock Star (mp3) myspace

Lisa Lobsinger (Vocals)
Reviere Sound Review - Walking Around Waiting (mp3) myspace

Julie Penner (Violin)
The Hylozoists - Details Five (mp3) myspace

Mar 23, 2006

CHECKOUT The Milestone Corporation

Bjorn Melhus - Untitled

Sometimes I feel a bit watered down with my preference towards indie-tinged rock emphasizing lyrics and clever instrumention. I've even recently been known to favor a more electronic, keyboard sound to guitars and drums. For a supplement, check out a fantastic Swedish band called the Milestone Corporation - offering early REM reminiscent rock with a strong driving beat and plenty of interesting twists. I'm hooked on the power of these classically-framed songs and the timeless vocal stands out as rivaling the best. There is a fullness to the sound that demmands a stadium and another listen. For some reason I still can't believe I haven't heard this album before, yet I'm the opposite of bored by it. Try it on yourself... locally (Strictly Discs or B-Side in Madison) or at their website.

Milestone Corporation - Caught Up (mp3)
Milestone Corporation - Losers Way Out (mp3)
Milestone Corporation - Suburban Boredom (mp3)

The blog masterpiece
Copy, Right? collects cover songs to build a fascinating repository of all things borrowed. Todays post features two beautiful Moby covers from Everything is Wrong: "When It's Cold I'd Like to Die" covered by Flare and "God Moving Over the Face of the Waters" by Steve Velez and Da Capo Players. Other recent favourites include Damien Rice covering Traci Chapman, the famous Jose Gonzales Knife cover, and Fuck slowcoring Oops I Did it Again.

Passionate about life? Or just your clothes?

Robin Rhode - Microphone (2005)

Robin Rhode is from Capetown, South Africa and draws on the streets, literally. His simple, playful lined concepts are suprisingly new and able to establish a fascinating middle ground between 2D static tradition and 3D interaction. In addition to floating in a world of new perspective, Robin transcends medium by dialoging his artistic statements as performances, photographs, and drawings at the same time. Check out his some of his pieces in flash series here.

Charlemagne is one of the most solid projects to come out of recent Madison. In addition to being beautiful stand-alone listens, his sounds are an interesting reflection of the city's conflicted persona. The overwhelming pop quality coexists with lopsided wooden-chair singer-songwriter charm, ending an occasional phrase with a subtle twang of nerdiness. Charlemagne is currently finishing up a national tour with his last stop here in Madison in May. I caught a spectacular low-key performance last year (complete with knitting harmonies) at the recently "deceased" Catacombs and will always remember with nostaligia how perfectly the set seasoned my tea. The newest album Detour Allure is available from the website.

Charlemagne - Pink and Silver (mp3)

This is why I will NEVER get a job. Because I can't stop seeing through the all bullshit of this stuff. Even for one second. And certainly not long enough to make it to my lunchbreak and then all the way through the week to collect the paycheck. "Wherever people need energy, we're there to give them a cold can."
While we're just "chilling out" in our "lounge" next to the "skatepark". This sort of culture marketing is the new propoganda that shows no respect for and destroys culture. Which most of us deserve... because it works.

Mar 21, 2006

Hot Chip... Will Break Your Legs, Snap Off Your Head. Uh.

Yayoi Kusama - Fear of Dots (2004)

Hot Chip is a simple recipe of fresh, unenthused lyrics dipped in tickling lappop beats. The experience is a hipster fondue party with your choice of electronic bleeps, strategically placed onomatopeias, and carefully cubed ironic lyrics... spread on a platter of danceability with a garnish of pretentious apathy. It's where Interpol goofs around, The Go Team! stops for an afternoon makeover, and Aphex Twin passes out after a long set. They're one of my favourite new bands and if you haven't yet checked them out, you're in for a treat.

Hot Chip - The Warning (mp3)

The new album
The Warning comes out at the end of May.
Pre-order information is available on their website.

Blogoholic's Fix of the Day:
Badmiton Stamps is a manic tastemaker set in the rolling-hilled hybrid of Philly-NYC. If you're in the area, checkout their showcase featuring The Sun, The Harlem Shakes, and the Picture (downloads available through the aforementioned showcase link). Rock on.

Yayoi Kusama herself.

Mar 20, 2006

Monday Reflecting... Aberfeldy.

Shahram Entekhab - Flower (2005)

Aberfeldy - Vegetarian Restaurant (mp3)

This track speaks an outsider monologue with a homey, folksy twang. Apparently, even the oddest can find comfort drinking Irish Whiskey in a barn, mixing an intergenerational dance party with family and an iPod. Life is never without its vegetarian-ish incongruences, but harmony can be found in the coexisting voices - no matter what they say. John Hiatt and Gwen Stefani CAN share a playlist... and Kanye's Ray Charles sampling can get your mom to rap.

A couple more songs are available from Aberfeldy via their website.

Blogoholic's Fix of the Day:
Checkout more resounding voices from the Madison Diaspora at Never Enough.
Their music tastes are a welcome addition to the blogroll.

Mar 17, 2006

Patrick's Irish Picks: Tychonaut, The Frames

Alice Maher - Collar (2003)
[Cahir, Co. Tipperary, Ireland]

If you're not up to your elbows in a stout by now, there's somethin wrong wit ya. Despite your lineage you're all welcome to the craic today. To add an Irish spin to your usual Friday night binge drinking, blast these tunes and you'll be makin a fool of yourself with a one-legged jig in no time... it will be as natural as me trying way too hard to blog with a brogue.

Checkout a playlist of traditional Celtic noises carefully crafted by Marc Gunn of The Brobdingnagian Bards (pronounced brob-din-nahg-EE-en) at Celtic Music Podcast featuring: Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer, The McCabes, Clandestine, Emerald Rose, Ed Miller, Flook, Brobdingnagian Bards, Paisley Close, Sarah Dinan, Marc Gunn & The Dubliners Tabby Cats, Serious Kitchen, Sligo Rags, Murder the Stout, StoneRing, The Tea Merchants, 3 Pints Gone, Celtic Stone, Queen's Gambit, The Rogues, Tullamore, Jesse Linder, 4 Irish Whiskey, Johnathan Ramsey, and Black 47.

Celtic Music Podcast #16 - St. Patrick's Day MP3 Special [via Celtic Music Podcast]

For a new music pick, checkout Tychonaut (previously The Tycho Brahe), who lay Moher landscapes than dance floors with their echoey vocals. Thoughtful playlists will note their distinct character as end-of-the-night-songs, but they come highly recommended and Diarmuid MacDiarmada, Carol Keogh, and Donal O'Mahony aren't the names of posers. Buy Tychonaut's new album This Is locally (Strictly Discs or B-Sides in Madison) or online HERE.

Tychonaut - Jigsaw (mp3)

Tychonaut - Alice (mp3)

It wouldn't be right if I didn't give my favourite Irish band a plug. Check out a couple songs from The Frames's newest album "Burn The Maps".

The Frames - Lay Me Down (mp3)

The Frames - Star Star (mp3)

Just looking for a stupid Irish-American drinking song? Try the Brobdingnagian Bards (they're from Austin).

Brobdingnagian Bards - Jedi Drinking Song (mp3)

Brobdingnagian Bards - The Unicorn Song (mp3)

Mar 16, 2006

Drunk Drivers= Bad, Kinsella= Good

Camilla Dahl - Untitled

As Kyle is recovering from Wednesday's car accident, he will most certainly need the help of an intelligent, charismatic and charming young lady to continue his blog.

Here I am.

Check out Mike Kinsella - a prolific singer-songwriter from Chicago. Since the early 90's, Kinsella has showcased his talents in some influential Chicago-based bands with his older brother, Tim. Although Mike was a great drummer for bands Joan of Arc and The Owls, his talent shines brighter when he is holding a guitar and belting out a tune.

His first real placement in the spotlight came with the formation of American Football, a bittersweet combination of jazzy tempos and earnest lyrics. Fans of earlier work eagerly received the self-titled album released in 1999. However, Kinsella is best known for his solo project, Owen. Always reflective and poignant, Owen's intimate lyrics prompt listeners to consider all those times that life has let us down when we were expecting a rocking good time.

So go ahead, find yourself a glass of wine, ruminate on some bad feelings and, if you are at all like me, nod your head and occasionally mutter, "you tell it Mike."

American Football ~ Honestly? (mp3)

Owen ~ In the Morning, Before Work (mp3)

Mar 12, 2006

Dr. Earworm... What's My Name?

Flavia Da Rin - Untitled

Having an identity crisis? Amnesiac?
Dabble in attention deficit disorder?

Apparently DJ Earworm (my favourite mashup artist) is lending his expertise as a prescription for what ails you. Armed with a sterile tray of his trademark tools, Earworm stitches up his celebrity clients and enjoys the psychoses that insue in their parings.

Find some comfort in confusion with DJ Earworm's new track What's My Name? featuring Ace of Bass, Mamas and the Papas, Brandy & Monica, Aaliyah, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Donna Summer, Maroon 5, Eminem, Alicia Keys, Destiny's Child, Snoop Dogg, DMX, The Who, Madison Avenue, Eurythmics, Peter Gabriel, Irene Cara, Kanye West, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jason Mraz, and Phil Collins. Earworm seems to diagnose a large segment of the pop world with an obsession with their own names.

If you're looking for treatment, it looks like Earworm will be on call for a series of club nights in San Francisco called Attention Deficit Disco.

DJ Earworm - What's My Name?

Flavia Da Rin - Untitled

Mar 11, 2006

Time Is Running Out

Christopher Wool - Riot (1990)

My 5PM morning air stunk of rotting pepperoni-flavored stagnancy and my lungs have never been so bitter. Rebelling by trying to make an impact on the world, I provoked a punch in the face from a man in the basement of a bookstore and a $30 parking ticket from an authority proxy. As usual in my life questing, I got as far as a computer to blog. Time is running out.

Muse - Time Is Running Out (mp3)

Blogoholic's Fix(es) of the Day:
Checkout the coverage of the Gorilla vs. Bear Showcase at Gorilla vs Bear and My Old Kentucky Blog.
Checkout Ror-Shak at their myspace. Very chill electronic reminding of a Goldfrapp self-consious vodka haze.